Meet & connect to your future employer at IPV's career fair using Networkme

Sharing your profile and connecting to companies at career fairs was never this easy. Create your account for free in Networkme, update your profile, upload your CV, and be ready to interact with all the recruiters and companies attending the Career Fair, and stand out.

Boost your Career Fair interactions
3 simple steps:

Create your account
Begin by creating a free account in Networkme. If you haven't set one up already, kindly click the button below to get started.
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Edit your profile and CV
After registering, complete your profile with details about your education and skills. Also, upload your updated CV or transform your profile into one with our automatic CV tool.
Scan the QR-code
During the Job Fair, each company booths will have a unique QR Code. To connect with the company you like is easy, scan the QR Code, log into Networkme and connect.

Build connections that will last way after the Career Fair.

No more going around giving away paper CVs just to be forgotten right after the event. Connect and keep interacting with your favorite companies digitally through games and activities to stand out to recruiters even after the fair.
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